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Shops and pharmacies

Drug Buyers - Free Information Exchange. While not being an actual pharmacy, this website provides very useful information and guides to buying pharmaceuticals in online pharmacies. It answers many questions regarding law, reliability of online pharmacies, ordering of specific drugs, and many more.

Poppies International - an internet poppy seed shop featuring many types of seeds, and some recipes for delicious poppy seed cakes. The store is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Drug Information


Centre for Addiction & Mental Health Website

Rational Recovery

Stanton Peele Addiction Website - Stanton Peele has been investigating, thinking, and writing about addiction since 1969

Solpadeine Help - a website set up to help people with codeine addiction problem. It features a message board, newsletter and stories.


Cold Water World - some information on codeine potentiators and extraction method, also tips for methadone users

Drugs - General

Australian Drug Foundation - independent, non-profit organization working to prevent and reduce alcohol and drug problems in the Australian community, the concept of harm reduction underpins everything the ADF stands for

DCRNet Online Library - online library of drug policy

DRUGTEXT - the Internet's centre for substance use related risk reduction

Harm Reduction Coalition - committed to reducing drug-related harm among individuals and communities by initiating and promoting local, regional, and national harm reduction education, interventions, and community organizing

Lycaeum - a non-profit drug information archive, working to promote awareness about the effects, chemistry, and history of entheogens

Monkey - a coalition of professionals, users and ex-users (...) takes the view that addiction and problematic drug use are largely related to social and economic exclusion

Open Directory - Society: Issues: Health and Safety: Drugs: Illegal

Recreational Drugs Information Home Page - wide range of legal, political, medical and scientific information. The history, growth, medical and recreational uses of, marijuana, hashish, mushrooms, mescaline, LSD, cocaine, and opium are explored

RxList - basic drug information; frequently asked questions and patient monographs

SafeMedication - a consumer-based drug information and safety tips site

Schaffer Library of Drug Policy


Heroin Times - an online magazine about heroin and heroin addiction

Narcosis - Chasing the Dragon - a collection of ideas from Sydney, Australia, relating to recovery - heroin addiction, addiction in general, freedom from narcotics and other drugs, narcomix anonymous and other topics

Opiate - hosted by Opioid Frequently Asked Questions (@ Lycaeum)

Opioids - past, present, and future - the premiere resource for opium poppy growers on the Internet


Australian law

Australasian Legal Information Institute

Australian Customs Service

Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

Therapeutic Goods Administration



MSDS Search - Search for all Material Safety Data Sheets (including toxicology reports) on the net

TOXNET - a cluster of databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and related areas, provides very extensive information on chemical and physical properties of substances

Vermont SIRI - the most extensive source of toxicology reports


Dictionary of Pharmaceutical Medicine

The Merck Manual - highly detailed, sophisticated medical information on diseases


Australian Pharmaceutical Publishing Co Ltd

Clinical Pharmacology 2000 - comprehensive monographs and information. This service is fee based.

Martindale's Health Science Guide - many links to miscellaneous pharmacology and chemistry sites

Medscape - extensive information on drugs