Here you will find some free downloads related to opiates. Some files come in ZIP archives. Make sure you have a program that can handle these archives, eg:

Because there are (too) many archiving programs, it can be very hard to choose the one that suits you best


Download the 3D models of molecules of the following substances:

The models are in various formats including PDB, MDL, CDX (ChemDraw), also hard-copy JPEG image files and source scenes for POV-Ray ray tracer. Rendered pictures are an excellent idea for wallpaper or original shirt :)

Pictures of codeine tablets

The following archives contain pictures of available tablets with codeine and similar substances:


Abstinence Monitor
Abstinence Monitor is a small calculator, which shows for how long you stay off the drug, and how much money you've saved in the meantime. A simple fill-the-blanks form lets you enter your previous consumption rate and cost of the substance you've been using; then the program shows you how much you've saved in dollars and cents since quitting. It's nice to see the dollars and time add up, and that reinforces your efforts toward better health.
Platform: WindowsDownload (ZIP size: 79KB)